Meridian Sustainability Partners is a boutique energy and sustainability focused advisory firm that works with Indigenous communities, municipalities, and private firms.


Our strategic project development and management services can help your organization generate revenue and reduce energy costs by planning and developing a renewable energy project. 


Meridian can investigate multiple renewable energy sources to find the best option, evaluate a project’s financial viability, navigate challenging regulatory frameworks, and help you take action to reach your organization’s sustainability goals.  Our team will help take your project from an idea, all the way to an operating facility.


Our multi-disciplinary team has a rich breadth of experience garnered from experience in both Canadian and International Markets, working with large, publicly traded renewable energy finance, installation and construction companies in the U.S.A., as well as international banks and private equity firms. 


A renewable energy project can have multiple benefits for your organization or community including energy cost savings or long term revenue from electricity sales, job creation in the growing clean energy sector, reducing the carbon footprint and, and the pride that comes with making a difference.  We help leaders study, plan, and develop community-scale renewable energy projects from an idea stage into an operating project.  We then facilitate partners between industry and the community to get a project financed and built.




Local, green energy projects reduce emissions by offsetting power production from more carbon heavy sources and by siting the supply closer to the demand.

Going green isn’t just good for the environment, its a good investment. Renewable energy is a safe and secure investment that offers healthy returns.

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing job creators in the world. Creating more jobs in your community can help make a prosperous community throughout.

Local power, local benefits, local change, and the pride of community ownership.

Plus the ability to harness local renewable energies. 


There are numerous grant opportunities to support your community’s green energy ambitions.  Meridian can help you find and successfully win grants to improve your project’s economic viability.

Decision makers must have the key facts to properly consider questions of “Is it possible?” and “Is it financially viable?” Let Meridian’s experienced team lead you through this process to assess your project idea’s economic and technical viability.

Planning power projects requires a multi-disciplinary understanding of the energy resource, the technology, the financial considerations, and the regulatory framework that governs a project’s development.  Meridian’s experienced team has developed expertise from international experience developing projects with some of the largest and most experience renewable energy companies in the world.

Proper planning, corporate structuring and assessment of risks from an early planning stage is crucial to raising money to build your project.  Meridian’s team has successfully raised millions in financing for renewable energy projects and can help successfully finance your community scale project.

Conducting the necessary studies and acquiring the necessary approvals from various regulatory bodies is a crucial part of developing an energy project.  Our team is knowledgeable and well versed in the changing energy policies to ensure your project gets the approvals required without major delays.

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